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Instant Biometrics

Widget source URLs:

All backend API calls should be executed sending access_token in requests header received in the Authenticationstep.

To initiate instant biometrics process, make an HTTP POST request to:


  • Instant biometrics are allowed only for already Accepted or Rejected ConditionsNotMet KYC screenings
  • It's possible to provide instant biometrics check timeout in minutes before it expires in GlobalPass in case user abandons the process

To fetch instant biometric details, make an HTTP GET request to:


To cancel initiated instant biometric process, make an HTTP POST request to:


Possible status values:

  • Initiated - Process initiated. Waiting for user actions,
  • Cancelled - Process was cancelled over API by 3rd party system,
  • Expired - User did not go through the process and after timeout screening was set as expired,
  • Processing - User went through the process. GlobalPass is executing biometric match,
  • Accepted - Biometrics verification ended successfully,
  • Rejected - Biometrics verification ended not successfully


The preferred method for user instant biometric check using GlobalPass widget:

  • Add an HTML div element with your preferred HTML element id.
  • Load the provided js file before calling the widget's init function.


elementId: "widget_div_id",
instantBiometricsId: "screening_token",
onComplete: () => {
mode: "InstantBiometrics",

This will load and render a working GlobalPass instant biometric check web widget that will be sending collected data directly to the GlobalPass back-end.

A callback function can be passed to execute javascript upon widget completion.